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The founder of EAAT Restaurant Group, Ethan Huynh came to us with a very special branding project. As a Chef Restaurateur for over a decade, his latest creation is Muse Fusion + Sushi, a modern sushi bar inspired by his daughter Ava. Ethan requested that the brand should represent Ava's beauty and cultural background, and as a young model/actress, her exceptional talent and drive is the inspiration behind this project. With such a heartwarming story in mind, we drafted different drawings and logo options before developing the final identity system. The final icon is a minimalistic illustration of Ava with emphasis on beauty, youth, and her Asian lineage. Paired with the modern logotype and a bold color palette, this unique identity system captures the essence of this restaurant. We simplified the icon so that it can be a representation of all Asian girls, thus elevated the brand from Ava to what she represents.

For this brand identity package, we also included menu design, restaurant environmental graphics, merchandise design, and social media graphics. Collectively, every design detail is intended to reflect the origin story of the brand, provide a fun and unique dining experience, and make Muse Fusion + Sushi a special place for Ava and all the little girls with big dreams.

Photography: Joshua Tsang

Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Logo in Blue
Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Color Palette and coasters
Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Business Card Design
Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Menu Design

After we developed the brand identity, Ethan shared that the menu for Muse will change and evolve as he develops new culinary ideas. With versatility in mind, we divided the first menu into four columns with large sections which makes it easy to switch out items and sections. The four columns also fit perfectly on the four large digital screens at the restaurant, and when printed on regular paper, the design becomes a center fold to-go menu.

Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Menu Design
Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Digital Menu Design

Since the muse for this project is a young girl, we want to make the dining experience fun and exciting. There are no better ways to achieve that than incorporating cute icons and bright patterns into the design and the environment. Customers are greeted by this mural when they enter the restaurant, and as they wait to order, strategically placed logo icons make it easy to share the experience on social media.

Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Environmental Design

As designers, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. Our services also include vendor sourcing, production management, installation assistance, mural painting, and more. We support our clients fully from start to finish with due diligence and the highest standard. We make sure our design is functional and working as hard as the business owners we've had the privilege to call our clients and friends.

Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Environmental Design & Installation
Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding t-shirt Design
Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Chopsticks Design
Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Social Media Design
Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Merch Design
Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Tote Bag Design
Muse Sushi Restaurant Branding Social Media Design


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