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After decades of helping patients with oral and airway issues due to mouth breathing, dental experts at VIO2 decided to create a gentle mouth tape to encourage nasal breathing. To help them launch this new product successfully, we partnered with ProduktWorks to develop a fun and approachable brand that will distinguish VIO2 from other medical products. Yes, mouth breathing can cause many serious health issues, but mouth taping and nasal breathing can be easy and fun. We created a smiley face logo with a bright color palette and whimsical packaging design to elevate the brand as an exciting wellness offer, not another boring or scary medical aid product. Same approach was used to design and develop a direct-to-consumer e-Commerce website with custom graphics, stunning photography, and well crafted messaging to further enhance the brand and help VIO2 open for business. After a successful launch, We are continue working with the VIO2 team to provide on-going social media and design support, and our mission is to continue help them raise brand awareness, boost sales, and bring mouth tape to the masses.

Photography: Nick Cabrera

We had a great time creating fun social media content and graphics for VIO2 Tape. Medical aid products don't have to be boring because design and messaging can make a big difference. As a branding studio, we can whip up some excellent graphic design work, and we can also craft clever taglines to keep your audience smiling.

VIO2 Branding & Packaging Design
VIO2 Branding & Package Design


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